Polished Concrete Floors

Ultrafloor polished concrete enhances the beauty of your concrete floor. Polished concrete has evolved more than any other concrete format in the last 10 years. Commercial and Industrial flooring sectors have embraced the concept of polished concrete for many reasons; it offers an unlimited range of finishes on the concrete, leaving the surface exposed as the final floor finish. The choices of colour, pattern and texture introduced during construction for decorative concrete flooring option allows us to create and re-create stunning floors that are unique. It is also possible to embed objects into the freshly placed concrete and through the sequence of grinding and polishing, expose them to create unique visual effects that cannot be achieved with any other flooring material.

  • .  Cream finish  
  • .  Salt and pepper finish  
  • .  Aggregate exposed  
  • .  Durability  
  • .  Aesthetics  
  • .  Low life cycle cost  
  • .  Easy to clean  
  • .  Flat, smooth, low vibration  
  • .  ESD approved  
  • .  Fire proof  
  • .  Diffusion open  
  • .  High-light reflection  
  • .  No drying time  
  • .  Can be used onold floors  
  • .  No tire marks  
  • .  Environmentally friendly