PrīmXComposite Screed

Ultrafloor’s PrīmXComposite Screed is designed for places where a thin concrete overlay is required over existing concrete, whether in a new building or when renovating older facilities.

Our screed is a reliable, non-curing solution, ensuring smooth, flat and durable surface with minimum or no joints. In result, the floors have the lowest possible maintenance cost, lowest damage to equipment, best productivity, best serviceability and greatest long-term value.

Our screed, designed by PrīmX has a high amount of evenly distributed steel fibre reinforcement and special anti-shrinkage, anti-cracking additives allowing the creation of ductile, seamless concrete that is so strong it does not need traditional steel rebar reinforcement.

  • .  Much better usage profile than traditional overlays.
  • .  Cost competitive solution while also providing higher
    performance due to better design
    materials and execution.
  • .  Enhanced durability.
  • .  Excellent overall impact resistance of the floor due
    to the smart steel fibre reinforcement overlay design.
  • .  Improved abrasion resistance.
  • .  Reduced long-term floor maintenance costs.