PrimeComposite system is a turn-key flooring solution, which includes engineering and design, advanced chemical admixtures for producing non-shrink concrete, steel fibers, state-of-the-art equipment and machinery, electronic quality management system and floor laying services.

Primekss is an industrial flooring company with its headquarters in Riga, Latvia. The company specializes in providing warehouse and industrial floors through its proprietary innovation, called PrimeCompositePrimeComposite was developed and introduced by Primekss (Riga, Latvia) to the global markets around the middle of last decade. Since then, PrimeComposite has been the most extensively used industrial flooring technology in Europe.

PrimeComposite floors have the following unique key advantages over conventional concrete floors:

  • Jointless floors upto 5000 sq. meters
  • Zero to negligible cracks
  • Non-shrink concrete
  • Around 70% shorter turnaround time for floor delivery
  • Tremendous life-cycle cost savings running into Crores of Rupees for end-users, due to substantially reduced maintenance costs and productivity improvements

PrimeComposite is protected by global patents and has secured multiple innovation prizes including the MIP 2013 (Most Innovative Product) at the World of Concrete in Las Vegas and the MIP 2012 before that.

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