Who we are...

Advanced Construction Technologies Pvt. Ltd., is specialized in bringing innovative construction technologies in the form of equipment to India, offering superior productivity and safety. Working closely with a group of selected manufacturers and a network of offices throughout India, ACT is your best adviser in obtaining high-performing equipment for all your construction, demolition or excavation needs.

Since 1985, Advanced Construction Technologies Pvt Ltd., has been largely responsible for pioneering the Indian construction industry, and continues to drive forward with innovative and cutting-edge construction techniques in the form of service solutions. Our reputation is built on the highest quality work and dedication to our customers.

After 25 years of excellence in construction services, Advanced Construction Technologies Pvt. Ltd., offers to you'Ultra Floor'–Polished & Decorative Concrete Floors using diamond grinding technology. The concept of polished finish dates back 20 to 30 years in Europe, USA, Middle East, and Asia and has certainly evolved through the years.

With the industry giants as partners and a fleet of and various Polished & Decorative Concrete systems, ACT can handle even your largest job. We have invested in the right partners, tools, machinery, and training for our skilled craftsmen to ensure the highest quality performance for your project. You can trust in ACT's quality and attention to detail.