PrīmXComposite Jointless Floors

Ultrafloor is the only licensee of Primekss, Latvia in India. The company specialises in providing warehouse and industrial floors through its proprietary innovation, called PrīmXComposite.

PrīmXComposite Jointless Floors is the first and ultimate, steel fibre reinforced, shrink compensating, and strength enhancing industrial floor system in the world.

PrīmXComposite uses high strength loose steel fibres, and proprietary, non-shrink add mixtures to form a true composite material. This composite material has the much higher load carrying capacity than traditional slabs on grade.

We take the total responsibility to design and execute the floor to client requirements. Our design team in Riga supports ACT to International Code of practice.

  • .  Jointless flooring up to 5000 sq meters  
  • .  No Saw Cuts  
  • .  No Dominant Joints  
  • .  No Curling Near Joints  
  • .  Stays Flat  
  • .  No Shrinkage  
  • .  Virtually Crack Free  
  • .  Higher Load Capacity  
  • .  No Rebar  
  • .  Guaranteed floors  
  • .  Flatter Surface, No Curling or Joint Sealant  
  • .  Durable with Less Maintenance and Longer Life  
  • .  Our knowledge partners are experts in concrete  
  • .  Online live quality control viewing by all stakeholders  
  • .  The whole solution with optimal finishing method
  • .  ECO-friendly construction – our system allows to save
    up to 40% of CO2 emissions